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If you've been seriously injured in an accident or by the negligence or purposeful wrongdoing of another, you may have the legal right to compensation. We know that your injury and suffering is unique and believe you deserve the personal attention and care that Brewster’s Personal Injury Attorney, Gregory W. Bagen and his staff provide.

During his 40 years of practice, Attorney Bagen has tried more personal injury cases than all other local attorneys combined, recovering over $40 million for his clients. He has achieved the eight highest verdicts in injury cases by all local attorneys or law firms. This includes the only verdicts over $1 million.

A meticulous review of the circumstances surrounding your injury is essential to preparing your personal injury case. If you think you may have a claim, let us look at the facts and take the first step to the care and settlement you deserve.

Workplace Injuries

If you've been injured on a job site, in some cases you may be entitled to compensation that is not provided by Workers’ Compensation. Often, attorneys that focus on Worker’s Compensation claims do not handle personal injury. If you believe you may be entitled to additional compensation for your workplace injury contact our office for a free consultation..

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Over $40 million collected on behalf of clients.
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Attorney Bagen secured a jury verdict for an accident victim who suffered serious injuries in a car accident.
Attorney Bagen secured a significant verdict for his client that lost control of her vehicle as a result of materials falling from the back of a construction truck, that had not been secured properly.
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