Man grabbing his ankle in pain

Gym waivers don’t always prevent you from seeking compensation for your injury

Keeping fit is very important for your health, and as a result 52.9 million Americans are gym members (according to the latest IHRSA annual report) The benefits of working out are well known, however there is also a high risk of injury . People may be out of shape or careless when working out, not stretching muscles beforehand or using equipment improperly. Falls, sprains, strains and broken bones can happen frequently and it is usually the gym-goers fault. Gym owners know this which is why they require members to sign some form of waiver of liability or “assumption of risk.”Continue Reading

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What you should know about liability waivers for your children

As parents we are often asked to sign waivers that will allow our children to participate in school athletic programs, swimming lessons, rock climbing birthday parties and a myriad of other recreational activities. The inherent nature of the waiver is to absolve the service provider of any and all liability in the event of a mishap on behalf of the participant. On the surface, it seems that by signing the waiver, you are accepting responsibility for all associated risks and voluntarily relinquishing your right to sue. What you may not know, is that although liability waivers are typically viewed asContinue Reading

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