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Your attorney is on your side, tell him everything

In order to do the best job he can for you, an experienced personal injury attorney will ask you questions about your life. In some cases, questions may seem embarrassing or personal, and you may not want to answer. Keep in mind that your attorney is not asking because he wants to pry into your personal matters, but because his goal is to win your case. The purpose is to ensure that he is prepared for anything the defense might use against you and that he is aware of any factors which can improve your case. What type of questionsContinue Reading

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Social Media is only free until it costs you your settlement

In recent years, it has become so commonplace to document our lives on Social Media, that sometimes we forget that it’s not the same as a private conversation with friends. When you file a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit, the insurance company will do everything they can to defend their client and themselves. First and foremost that means proving that their client was not at fault and second it means proving that you really weren’t injured. Things you may not even imagine to be a problem could be used to convince a jury that you are not really asContinue Reading

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