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A person about to check a box that refers to SUM coverage, "Are you insured, yes or no?"

Driver and Family Protection Act…it’s about time!

There is a simple and inexpensive option available on every auto insurance policy that protects you and your family, but many people have never heard of it. It’s so important, that I personally have dedicated my own time to achieving a change in New York State law by joining many of my fellow attorneys on lobbying trips to Albany. I have also written on the subject to raise awareness and pressed our elected officials to take action. I am pleased to say that our voices have been heard and last month New York State passed the Driver and Family ProtectionContinue Reading

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Are you protected from underinsured motorists?

Many people have a gap in their automobile insurance coverage that they are unaware of. Did you know that your own insurance may not cover you for injuries suffered if the other driver is deemed to be at fault?

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